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Infostrike is a leading mobile technology solution provider, pioneering mobile gaming platform and Enterprise Digitalization Solutions. Our proprietary technology platforms and ready infrastructure such as Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), Infostrike Asset Management System (IAMS) and Infostrike Game Publishing Platform (IGPP) provide businesses with scalable, secure and highly adaptable mobile solutions to their needs.
Our extensive maintenance, support and service plans will always ensure that our customer’s system is continuously maintained.
We continuously work relentlessly on our ground-breaking vision of bringing next-generation mobile services.
Digital Asset Management System
Infostrike Asset Management System
Gateway Application
Mobile Gaming Application
Infostrike Game Publishing Platform
Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
A smart integrated asset database management system that will enhance the planning and maintenance efficiency. By applying advanced analysis to dynamic life-cycle and maintenance data, Infostrike’s DAMS solutions and services enable visualization of strategy and service level scenarios to manage and maintain assets, improve service levels and reduce capital and maintenance spending.
Infostrike Asset Management System (IAMS)
A system that monitors and maintains things of value to an entity of group. It involves the opportunities, cost balancing and risk against the desired performance of assets, to frames. Infostrike Asset Management System comprise of some key systems which can be integrated into each other. Its been developed with state of the art technologies which can provide the latest information data for effective decision making and improve accountability. Key systems including Road Assessment System (RAS), Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID), Infostrike Database Management System (IDMS), and Web and Mobile Application.
Gateway Application
Our gateway offers access to a comprehensive list of mobile technologies with a single direct API connection.
Mobile Gaming Application
We develop innovative, interesting and state of the art mobile games that are suitable for all ages. Our mobile games are developed in 2D and 3D on both iOS and Android platforms.
Infostrike Game Publishing Platform (IGPP)
An innovative platform that targets the gamers, publishers, developers, as well as distributors for aggregation and distribution of games which include HTML5, Android, and iOS games.
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